Skilled trades a vital ingredient

Many Canadians are undoubtedly missing NHL hockey, but looking at the bigger picture, things would be much worse if it was Canada’s skilled tradespeople who were on the sidelines because of a lockout.

On Tuesday, Skills/Compètences Canada hosted the launch of National Skilled Trades and Technology Week 2012, which was created to celebrate the importance of skilled trades in Canada and their history in shaping the country. read more…

Skilled trades talent shortage is next crisis for Canadian businesses

We’re not pushing people to do work they love. We’re not encouraging them to take pride in their work

Ask any entrepreneur about the biggest challenges facing his business, and they’ll likely say it’s hiring good people. Seasoned executives and sales people are always scarce, but the shortage of traditional skilled trades — cooks, electricians, mechanics and carpenters — is a national problem that shows no sign of easing.

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The Skills Shortage

Canada is beginning to feel the effects of a shortage of skilled tradespeople. While this may be a challenge for industry, it signals tremendous opportunity for Trades people. It also emphasizes the importance of career facilitators such as and its numerous sister Trade sites. Matching skilled Trades people with available jobs across Canada is key to maximizing Canada’s workforce – getting the right people in the right jobs at the right time! Here’s some interesting information taken from the Canada’s Skilled Trades Website (

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