Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC)

Skills Canada National Competition

Encourage Canada’s next generation in skilled trades and technology! Started in 1994, the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) remains the only event of its kind in Canada. It is the only national, Olympic-style, multi-trade and technology competition for young students and apprentices in the country. Every year, the event brings together over 500 young people from all regions of Canada, along with their parents and advisors, to compete in over 40 trade and technology areas. The Competition provides an opportunity for young Canadians studying a skilled trade or technology to be tested against exacting standards and against their peers from across the nation. Students vie to win the honour of being crowned the best in their chosen discipline.

The main goals of this event are to provide competitors with hands-on work experience and to raise awareness for the general population of the value of and challenge in skilled trades and technology careers. The SCNC showcases the talent and the expertise of young competitors from across Canada.

The journey to the SCNC is a long one for many students as they must compete at local, regional and provincial/territorial events to gain their place to represent their province/territory at the SCNC.

The SCNC is the main step in selecting the members of Team Canada for the WorldSkills Competition that is held every two years. The next WorldSkills Competition was awarded to Leipzig, Germany and will be held in July of 2013.

The success of the SCNC over the past 15 years is due to the dedication and commitment of volunteers, staff, sponsors and partners. Without this support from the Canadian community, Skills/Compétences Canada would not be able to offer such a broad range of contest categories.

Edmonton, Alberta – held the 18th Skills Canada National Competition May 13 -16, 2012


Precision Machining | Mechatronics | Drafting – CAD | CNC Machining | IT Office Software Solutions for Business | Welding | Autobody Repair | Sheet Metal Work | Plumbing | Electronics | Web Site Development | Electrical Installations | Automation and Control | Brick Masonry | Cabinetmaking | Carpentry | Hairstyling | Beauty Therapy | Fashion Technology | Baking | Auto Service | Cooking | Restaurant Service | Landscape Gardening | Refrigeration and Air Conditioning | IT – Network Systems Administration| Graphic design | Industrial Mechanic Millwright | Architectural Technology & Design | Robotics | Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment | TV and Video Production | Job Interview | Job Skills Demonstration | Prepared Speech | 3D Character Computer Animation | 2D Character Computer Animation | Printing | Aircraft Maintenance | Workplace Safety | Heavy Equipment Service | Car Painting |

WorldSkills Competition

Every two years, competitors selected from the Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) form Team Canada and compete at the WorldSkills Competition, against the best in the world.

WorldSkills is an international organization that actively promotes vocational training. The mission of WorldSkills International is to challenge young people, their teachers, trainers and employers to achieve world class standards of competence in commerce, services and industry, and to promote the status of vocational training.

To achieve its mission WorldSkills International conducts the WorldSkills Competition every odd year, and also:

  • promotes the exchange of ideas and experience in vocational training through seminars, meetings and competitions;
  • disseminates information on world class standards of competence;
  • motivates young people to pursue further education and training relevant to their careers;
  • facilitates communication and contacts between vocational training organizations around the world encourages the exchange of young professionals among the Members promotes and markets the mission and goals of the Organization.

The WorldSkills Competition provides a unique means of exchange and comparison of world class competency standards in the industrial building and service sectors of the global economy. The continued growth of WorldSkills International attests to the fact that traditional trade and craft skills along with the newer technology multi-skilled vocations make an essential contribution to the economic and social well-being of people everywhere.

As a free standing, non-political organization WorldSkills International provides a cost effective means for international government and industry cooperation in achieving higher standards and status for vocational training on a world-wide basis.

19th Skills Canada National Competition Next National:
19th Skills Canada National Competition – June 5 – 8, 2013, Vancouver, British Columbia
42nd  WorldSkills Competition Leipzig, Germany Next WorldSkills:
42nd WorldSkills Competition Leipzig, Germany – July 2 – 7, 2013