What We Do

Tal-Cap’s Workforce Group provides higher volume and priority hiring programs for specialized skill-sets. Programs are designed with screening, selection, communication and reporting processes that seamlessly integrate with the client’s HR Team, Hiring Managers and On-boarding practices.

  • Bilingual Service Representatives
  • Specialty Drivers
  • Machine Operators
  • Production Teams
  • Janitors
  • Cleaners
  • Handymen
  • Personal Support Workers
  • ...and others

Success Stories

Homecare Services Company

Challenge: This national company was struggling to respond to an unprecedented, nation-wide demand for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Nurses. Smaller cities were challenged with a shortage of candidates while larger, metropolitan areas became bogged down in process – and candidates were often lost due to sheer volume and the overall time-to-hire.

Goal: Hire 30 PSWs and 5 Registered Nurses in a two-month period

Solution: Using the Tal-Cap holistic recruitment approach, city-by-city “input streams” were developed that continuously provided a roster of candidates. Using a comprehensive screening process developed by Tal-Cap and the HR Team, fully qualified candidates were delivered to Hiring Managers for final interviews with an average success rate 1 hire for every 2 interviews.

Homecare Services

Industrial Services Company

Challenge: This Western Canada client had given up on its ability to recruit Vacuum Truck Operators from its local market in a timely manner and had embarked on a costly program of importing workers from other provinces.

Goal: Hire 35 credentialed Vacuum Truck Operators in a 30 day time period.

Solution: Tal-Cap’s usual all-encompassing recruitment program was enhanced with a focused effort to repatriate qualified workers from the Oil & Gas industry. Completed in 28 days, the program not only fulfilled the resource requirements - it greatly reduced travel and lodging costs and proved that local manpower could indeed be sourced from the surrounding area.

Industrial Services Company

Municipal Housing Authority

Challenge: One of our clients won a major contract to provide staffing for a large cluster of apartment complexes – with a commitment to be up and running in a short time period.

Goal: Hire 12 apartment building Superintendents, 11 Handymen and 8 Property Administrators in 30-60 days.

Solution: Strong leadership and teamwork underpinned this particular program. Calling on our numerous relationships with Building and Facilities contacts, a network of qualified candidates was established that augmented our holistic recruitment. The program was successfully completed in less than 45 days – enabling this important contract to flourish and be renewed.

Homecare Services

The foundation of Tal-Cap’s success is built on partnership. We deliver results in virtually every market - small, large, remote or talent-short – by maximizing knowledge transfer from our clients, researching competitors and similar companies, and developing an effective screening and qualification process.

Our solutions are provided through a Recruitment Process Engagement (RPE). Tal-Cap provides the leadership and support that will meet any need – and we do much of it the old-fashioned way – direct “head-hunting”. Whether it’s top-grading or “right-sizing” exercises, mergers, or a confidential search, we’ll deliver the talent you’re looking for.

Success Stories

Electrical/Electronics Manufacturing

Challenge: A top 5 global leader was looking to build product management strength in their Western Canadian Business Unit HQ - but was having difficulty finding the right Director-level leader to drive the product management group. With no direct local competitors to draw upon, and a limited Canadian HR presence, they were unable to attract the right skills and cultural fit for their organization.

Solution: Working with key client stakeholders, Tal-Cap identified companies with similar functions and skills that were not product specific. We then mapped out the industry to identify competitors and looked at local companies that might provide a complementary skillset. This rigorous approach to process and continuous engagement led to subsequent RPE successes that included a Global Product Manager, Project Manager, and VP of HR.

Electrical Electronics Manufacturing

Aviation Services Company

Challenge: A world leading Aviation Services company headquartered in the Greater Vancouver Area was acquired by a Private Equity group and the company was undergoing “right sizing” initiatives. With the changes they needed to upgrade their supply chain team and bring in a seasoned supply chain leader with a track record of success driving positive change, process improvement, and real time inventory management in a multi-site global organization.

Solution: Tal-Cap worked closely with key stakeholders and defined the role, performance criteria, and fit and realized that there were no viable local candidates with the right mix of experience and a track record of aviation-related success. The RPE Team targeted key Global competitors and through professional “headhunting”, resulted in the successful hiring of a candidate from a large US-based competitor.

Providing further assistance to the right-sizing initiative, Tal-Cap quarterbacked and filled searches for 6 additional key positions.

Aviation Servicies Company

Tal-Cap’s Trades Group provides recruitment solutions to companies with a substantial Trades workforce component – both union and non-union. Examples include:

  • HVAC/R Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Pipefitters
  • Plumbers
  • Millwrights
  • Powerline Technicians
  • Welders
  • Stationary Engineers
  • Motor Technicians
  • ...and others

Our Trades Group partnership will often include leadership and support related positions – foremen, Superintendents, Service Managers, dispatch Supervisors, and others. A Trades Group partnership can expand and contract with seasonal requirements and economic fluctuations and we’ve effectively done so with as few as 4 to as many as 60 annual hires.

Success Stories

Multi-Trade Services Company

Challenge: Among Canada’s top Facilities Services companies, our client’s challenges included a nationally distributed workforce of over 1000 workers with 8 different union and non-union trades, project-based “just in time” hiring requirements, and an excessive cost-per-hire.

Solution: Tal-Cap’s solution involved an on-site presence – fully-integrated with Senior Management and HR, the provision of a coast-to-coast, full-service recruitment team, and among other innovations, the development of a new candidate input stream in the form of multiple Trade-centric websites (www.jobs4skilledtrades.ca). Tal-Cap’s full-function Recruitment Process Partnership (RPP) program is enjoying its sixth successful year.

Multi-Trade Services Company

Residential HVAC Technicians

Challenge: Our nation-wide client is experiencing record growth but was inhibited by the difficulty in finding skilled, certified Service and Installation Technicians – especially in talent-short and remote markets.

Solution: Tal-Cap customized an annual program to undertake a regional needs-analysis, build an effective recruitment process, and partner with HR and individual Hiring Managers. A modest “pilot program” of 6 hires quickly grew to 25 and upwards to annual goals of 40 or more hires. Our customized Trades Group offering is now in its fifth year.

Residential HVAC Technicians